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Equine Bowen Therapy

What to expect during your horse's treatment

Appointment timing:


  • An Equine Bowen treatment should not be done within 2 days either side of worming, trimming or shoeing or vaccinations so please avoid these.

  • Your horse will need a few days off after his treatment, ideally 4 but 2 as a minimum so you may want to think about when you will work your horse in that week.  You may need to think about avoiding competitions or lesson timings too, although a treatment the day before a competition for horses who have regular treatment may help with performance.

  • For horses that are stabled overnight then a morning appointment would be better to allowsome turn-out time immediately after treatment to keep them moving.


If it is your horse’s first appointment with me then we will have a little paperwork to do, taking their details & history and then ideally I would like to see your horse walk & trot up so that I can do a dynamic assessment.  I will also do a static assessment.


I can treat a horse anywhere, including in the middle of a field!  Ideally it should be somewhere where your horse feels most comfortable so that he can relax.  Ideally the horse will be tied up and the owners will step away to avoid any physical interaction with the horse which may interfere with the treatment.  Owners have a tendency not to be able to resist kisses, scratches and patting when next to their horses!  Of course, who can resist and that’s totally understandable right, but it does put extra sensory perception onto the horses body!


Ideally your horse will be dry as it can be difficult to do the Bowen Moves on wet fur but it’s not a deal breaker.


During the treatment, you will see me step away from your horse after a few Moves.  This is deliberate (& not me being lazy!).  The breaks give the nervous system time to process the Moves that have just been done.  Putting more on the horse too soon can interfere with the previous ones.  Think of it like causing a ripple on a pond – the energy radiates out across the surface, if you interfere with it then it can become choppy.




Horses may show many different responses during treatment such as falling asleep, rapid blinking, twitching, stretching, of course licking and chewing, or even urinating several times.  Some horses can become a little agitated but I will have a conversation with you about what is happening if this occurs, it is nothing to be alarmed about.  Some horses show no responses at tall and are very stoic – again I will speak with you about this.




Your horse’s body will continue to respond to the Bowen treatment for several days afterwards which is why it is good to let them have some time off of work.  Here a few other tips to help your horse get the most from his treatment:


Water – the increase in lymphatics & de-tox affect will cause your horse to be thirsty so ensure he has plenty.

Grooming – please refrain from grooming for around 4 days as this can put more sensory perception on the nervous system & interfere with the Bowen response.

Patting – a difficult one I know as we do it automatically but if you can refrain it would be good, again it is the sensory nerves that we are trying to leave alone.

Shoeing – not only can the vibrational effect interrupt the Bowen responses but your horse’s body will be adjusting and if his feet are trimmed in that time, the biomechanics will change again & it can be too much.

Worming – it is not ideal to worm straight after a Bowen treatment.  The chemicals can be really harsh and it can be too much whilst your horse’s body is responding to Bowen.


You may notice:


Urinating – increased and possibly smelly from the increased lymphatic flow, de-tox and possibly extra water intake

Droppings – change in consistency.

Stiffness – your horse may be a little stiff for a few days as a reaction as his body alters.

Suppleness – this may be immediate or after a few days & may mean that things like stride length improves, transitions are easier, canter leads & changes are easier, or more willing to work or jump.

Energy – your horse may have a boost in energy which may mean he may be more forward going.


All of these are normal responses.  Please don’t worry if you don’t see anything that I have mentioned, just know that your horse will definitely have benefited from his Bowen treatment and his body will have released any tightness.  


I will leave an aftercare sheet with you on your first appointment or on request in future visits but if you are at all worried I can be contacted at any time.  If I’m not free, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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