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As a complementary therapy Bowen has not been heavily researched but the anecdotal evidence is abundant.  Research takes money, and lots of it, and funding is usually directed at conventional treatments or conventional practitioners further their qualifications by doing theses on their own field of specialisation.  That said, there have been a small number of human Bowen research papers done.  There are no equine ones that I am aware of but some of the human research could equally equate to the equine body.  Here are some links to various papers but there are more to find on Google Scholar.

The effects of the Bowen technique on hamstring flexibility over time: A randomised controlled trial - ScienceDirect

Clients' experiences of frozen shoulder and its treatment with Bowen technique - ScienceDirect

A pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of Bowen Technique in the management of clients with frozen shoulder - ScienceDirect  a study on the effect of Bowen in a health service workplace to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of staff.  comparison of Bowen Technique and a stretching technique for hamstring flexibility.

direct=true&profile=ehost&scope=site&authtype=crawler&jrnl=20692110&AN=125885877&h=7tzYD5lrHeHRj0mSfWqnIAIqREzor8qQG8t9AIQYWsS%2FlTMY4FRKPbW5qsWRdsV2F53jpkN9WPrjpucsfYC68Q%3D%3D&crl=c    a study on the effectiveness of Bowen for trapezius pain.


More articles with reference to various ailments can be found on the professional association’s website here 

Bowen Therapy Research Studies

Not research but gets a mention by respected health professionals:

Advance For Physical Therapists & PT Assistants by Dan Amato – “accelerated healing response” pages 35-37.

Microsoft Word - Whitaker J Gillam P Seba D 1997, the Bowen Technique a gent (  presented at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine Annual Meeting December 1997 - SUMMARY “The Bowen Technique, a gentle, hands-on method, as used in this study, clearly had a positive health effect, particularly on fibromyalgia subjects. These results were documented by measuring changes in the ANS balance by HRV and clinical assessment. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that similar studies would support many of the claims made for the Bowen technique. Further, the measurement of shifts in the ANS by HRV studies is a powerful tool and could be used for investigation into other environmental issues”.


Equine article in (innovative veterinary care) February 2013 by Lynn Peck veterinarian:`

Bowen Therapy - Does It Work? | IVC Journal

Equine FAQ
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