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Lorraine Wood

Bowen Therapy

Privacy Policy

  • The type of information that I may collect is:  Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and information related to health & lifestyle.


  • The lawful basis under which I collect this:  ‘Contract’.


  • Personal information that I collect may be used for the following purposes:

To identify you as a client, your location & contact details.

To keep a record of lifestyle factors and medical information required to enable me to treat you.

To keep a record of the treatment that I have given you to enable to give you relevant further & future treatments.

To keep a record if I have advised you to visit a GP.

To keep a record of your consent to treatment for yourself or a minor.

To keep records for insurance purposes.

To remind you of an upcoming or due appointment.

To contact you with details of any promotion or for marketing purposes.

To keep a record of whom I may have been in contact with for NHS Track & Trace purposes.


  • I take adequate steps to ensure that the information that I collect is correct.


  • You have a right to see the personal information that I hold about you.


  • You have a right to have the personal information that I hold corrected if an error is found.


  • I will hold your personal information for a period of 7 years after your last treatment or 7 years after a minor has reached the age of 18.


  • Your personal information is either kept securely in my home office by means of security measures at my home to safeguard access to hard copies of paperwork containing personal information and by password protection on digital material containing personal information; or, in the case of the day of travelling to you for mobile treatment, it is kept securely in my locked car when not attended.


I will not share your personal information with anyone unless:

You request that I do.

I am legally required to.

It is necessary to do so to the NHS Track & Trace system & you have not requested that your details not be shared with them.


  • You have a right to lodge a complaint with a GDPR supervisory authority should you feel the need to.



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