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Human Bowen Therapy
What to expect when having a treatment

The Bowen Moves can be made through light, loose clothing so there will be no need to undress.  Lycra items such as leggings or shorts don’t work as they’re too slidey!  Jeans aren’t suitable either as denim is too thick.  I will drape you with a cosey blanket so you are welcome to remove clothing if you are more comfortable.

I have a portable couch so can set up anywhere in your home where there’s room.  It is about 6 foot long & 2 ½ foot wide & I need to be able to get all the way around when you are lying on it.  NB for clients that are unable to get on & off of the couch I can give a full treatment with you seated.  Bed bound clients are also not a problem.

On your first treatment I will assess your posture and range of movement.  Don’t worry, I can do this with you standing still or seated if necessary.  Don’t worry you won’t have to do a bleep test!  It’s just the movement you have when you turn your head and things like that.

I will also take a medical history including accidents, trauma, major illnesses & ops.  I will need to know what medication you are taking.

The first treatment will take around 1 ½ hours, allowing for time to do the paperwork & for your postural assessment.

Follow on treatments will be around 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Whilst having the treatment you may feel a variety of sensations & it differs according to the individual.  Some people feel a heat where the Move has been made or in a completely different area from the Move, some feel cold.  Tingling may be felt, or a pulsing type feeling.  Some people’s muscles immediately release from tension.  Some may feel nothing at all whilst on the couch.  All of these are normal responses.  Most people experience deep relaxation & nearly all people fall asleep whilst on my couch!!  I don’t mind this at all as I know that you are the most relaxed you can be & Bowen will be most effective.

If you are already receiving some form of bodywork, it is a good idea to finish that before starting your Bowen treatment.  One treatment may interfere with the other work that you are having.


How Many?

How many as with all treatments, it is difficult to determine how many you will need without seeing you first but the average is 3 treatments, spaced a week apart.  For long standing issues then you will need to allow more treatments.  The longer you have had the issue, it’s likely that the more treatments you will need. 


For Maintenance

For maintenance  on average the clients that have Bowen regularly to keep their bodies as free & symmetrical as possible see me every 2 months but your individual circumstances will dictate what you need.


It is a good idea to have your treatment on a day when you haven’t got a strenuous day planned.  Allowing time after your treatment for it to take effect before doing a heavy gym session is best.



Aftercare  Water - & plenty of it!  Drinking plenty of water will hydrate your fascia making it easier to release.  You may also detox, where your lymphatic & circulatory systems have been stimulated and water therefore will help dilute the toxins.  Some people experience a headache the next day and water will prevent this.


You may feel ‘heavy’ the next day, or some people may ache somewhat, as if you’ve overdone it at the gym.  This is quite normal & is a result of your body realigning.  Over the counter pain relief should help if you are too uncomfortable and it shouldn’t last long.  Please don’t be put off coming for your next treatment as the muscle ache isn’t usually as bad on the next session providing you don’t leave it too long.  The long term relief will be worth it!


Generally your body will take around 4 days to adjust so any pain relief or increased range of motion may take a few days to happen after treatment.


Most people feel quite energised the next day & ‘freer’ several days after treatment.

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